Thursday, April 27, 2006


Don't ever forget that most of what you do in life will be judged by how it looks.
Whether, it's taking the train in the morning and catching the eye of the future spouse/lover/bed warmer as you slowly flip your trashy paperback's pages, or walking into the merger talks with the global empire and seeing your 15 years of late nights and no weekends turning into enough money to buy whole islands with.
In every situation when you're not alone be aware of what you look like. Humans are visual animals and before we're talking/crawling/bawling/shitting under control we're visually aware.

I always turn up to work in a freshly ironed shirt, polished boots, clean shaven and hair under control. I may not always leave work in such pristine condition but even when all hell's just kicked off and you're patching yourself together it's still worth taking the time to put your shirt in and straighten your collar.

Now punters seem to be aware of the importance of image only sporadically. They will spend ludicrous amounts of money on the latest chav labels and make sure all can see. Personally if the label is big enough to read from closer than hugging distance I'll not buy it, but I'm not the kind of chav who goes clubbing in "my club". The offront caused by informing them at the door that they can't come in looking like that has to be seen to be believed. A chav's idea of dressing up smart really astonishes me sometimes, the more chains and labels visible the better dressed, goes their thinking.

Once suited and booted however they will proceed to get so twated they can barely stand, have spilt beer/cider/alchopop/coke/vomit over themselves and still think now would be the good time to try and approach those sexy ladies.

Don't ever forget how you look because you can garuantee everyone else will know.