Thursday, April 20, 2006


both kinds.
The extended hours of sunshine and drinking are upon us and this means my job gets both harder and more pleasant. The long sunny days lead to folk wandering into a local sunny beer garden and 12 hours later staggering out of our nightclub having spent their weekly earnings on a hangover for tomorrow and not alot else. The number of folks just having a quick nap in the back of our club despite the ear shattering music and strobing lights is on the increase. Their suprise at waking to the still chill night air is always endearing, though the often colourful interlude moments later is not.

The more sensible ladies, that's the ones who dress according to the weather not just in skirts best measured in millimetres, start venturing out in the evening wearing less clothing*. This is often a good sign as the sensible men who seek to court these fine specimens are emerging to to stalk their prey. They make much better punters in general and don't tend to be able to consume their weekly wages in a twelve hour session even with generosity towards their friends. Also to be noted is their aversion to physical violence a good middle class background brings, far more likely to appologise to you for your treading on their toe and offer to buy you a drink should the situation escalate.

A mixed bag really, however the looming onset of the world cup with match times in a sensible time zone will no doubt send the sensible ladies running for a quiet dining room and a lot of aussie red whilst the sensible men revert to tribal beahviour. More on this later no doubt.

As to puppies of the second kind, all of my associates seem to now be the doting owners of puppies this season. Not viscious, whats got three legs and one arm types, but family mid sized house dogs. Too many photos on phones of big eyed, clumsy pawed furry balls of canine. It's a mellowing influence on these burly men I work with and can as such only be a good thing.

*Puppies of the sweater kind