Monday, April 24, 2006

A strange lull

This weekend has been poor. The numbers of punters out and about has been reminiscent of the first few weeks of January. I got to work four venues over the weekend before "my club" opened and at none of them was there anything like the usual level of Friday, Saturday crowds.

I think the one weekend, towards the end of the month, sitting squarely between two bank holiday weekends is always going to suffer but I was shocked at the rarefied atmosphere. T'was only the gay folk who turned up in a party mood and they all disappeared by the end of the night. It's so much nicer clearing a venue when there's only 3 punters left in with drinks and they're as keen to disappear out the door as you are.

I have to praise the gay night DJ as he manages to get a barely filled room up and dancing and having a good time for most of the evening. This in comparison to some of the other folks who just don't seem to care and stifle a busy club full of punters into keeping off the dancefloor 'til after midnight. At this point hormones and alcohol would have punters dancing to Bavarian Oompa just to get grinding next to somebody.