Saturday, September 29, 2007

The new Catholic committment to the environment

I hear on The Sunday Programme that the Roman Catholic Church has a new committment to the environment and that the Pope, coming from a Germany whose Christians have long had a green conscience, is intending to make this issue key to his papacy. We may expect, it is hinted, encyclicals which will reflect the authority of the church on this essential matter.

One of the presenters expressed her fervent wish that the Pope would be seen celebrating mass on a retreating glacier, in a rainforest devestated by slash and burn and in a boat surrounded by a coaral reef.

Fantastic ideas all and to be welcomed, better late than never as this conversion to the green agenda is.

There is just one minor niggle: as overpopulation is a significant contributor to environmental degradation, are we to expect a new commitment to contraception as a key tool in protecting the environment?

Don't hold your breath.