Friday, November 16, 2007


I was preparing a sermon and I got confused. (Fancy that - and me being literate and all.) I started to discuss the end times and realised that I wasn't exactly sure when they began/begin. I also realised that this is something of a theological nightmare and an issue about which feelings run high. It seems that your personal understanding of Eschatology is deeply revealing and is likely to hold you up to ridicule if you let it slip in the wrong company. Fortunatley the company I keep is largely athiest and so couldn't give a stuff.

Looking into it further I realised that somewhere along the way my own understanding had slipped from one view to another taking in a third along the way.

So easily led.

So, which is it?

  • Realised Eschatology: It has already happened with the incarnation.

  • Inaugurated Eschatology: It has begun to happen for each of us through our receiving of the Holy Spirit.

  • Future Eschatology: It is still to happen at the second coming.

Ah. I see.