Thursday, November 8, 2007

Search and Rescue

As a method of mission, Search and Rescue is a model which dates back to the early church, living as it did in the shadow of an imminent second coming. Why bother to reform society when the end was near and all is about to be swept away? Instead, live in community with shared posessions and preach, baptise and add to the number of the faithful. On the day of Pentecost, Peter uses the theme of Noah when he talks of "a crooked generation" and the need to be disassociated from them by jumping into the ark of salvation.

Today we do not live in the shadow of an imminent second coming and we have lost some of that sense of urgency. Although we know intellectually that the end may come at any time we no longer act as if that is an imperative. We shy away from those who seek to use Revelation as a clue filled timetable of doom.

So, in a post modern age, as far away from the early Christian apocalyptic paradigm as it is possible to get, how much relevance should Search and Rescue as a mission model have?