Thursday, January 3, 2008

I don't understand the Land of Troll

Below is a rant recently left at Mad Priest's site and completely off topic. Mad Priest has a prohibition on "feeding Trolls" so I am not allowed to leave a comment on his site but I felt I wanted to comment here. (Mad Priest won't know as he doesn't visit.)

A friend of mine once shared with me that he watched his father commit suicide when he was 15. Since then he has engaged in hundreds of acts with other men and is currently in a "monogamous relationship." Perhaps he is seeking the love of the father he never got. Another young man I know suffered seizures, and increasing paralysis, and died earlier this year from AIDS which he contracted from earlier involvement in homosexual sin. Two friends I know have parents that left their families for another "same sex" partner. Their families have been torn asunder. Behind the glitzy glamour of Hollywood are real people with real sin which has real consequences. Who will speak the truth to these people, to these families?

Now regular browsers of this blog will be familiar with my stance on the issue of human sexuality. If not, look at my first couple of blogs in the archive. I am not inviting yet another round of the vitriolic debate on the topic here. It strikes me that only face to face conversations with people we know and respect stand any chance of not being a dialogue of the deaf. There are Biblical quotes both ways - a point which conservatives seem unwilling to accept - and there is a worked theology on human sexuality from a liberal perspective. (Again see archive.)

What I don't understand from Mad Priest's visitor is whether or not he recognises the selective use of information and the way he quotes such information as if there could only be one conclusion. As M.P. concludes "I think you can get HIV by talking bollocks about it."

So, can someone help me here? Are the millions of people in Africa who are HIV positive gay then? If not, is the claim that they are heterosexual merely gay propaganda? Does God care more about heterosexual victims of HIV than he does about gay ones?

Suerly the point is about inappropriate sexual behaviour per se? If my sexuality is as fallen as the next person's isn't God as angry with me as the next person regardless of who is straight and who is gay? If I cheat on my wife with another woman, don't use a condom and become infected, how is that different to a gay man doing something similar? If God does not approve of sexual promiscuity, he doesn't approve of it in any form, surely? I firmly believe that it is humans who have a sliding scale of judgement on sexual matters, not God.

I have a lot to do with vulnerable people in my secular employment. It is my observation that people get screwed up by a great many things and the manifestation of that in terms of sexuality covers the whole spectrum. As Mimi comments, its not just homosexuality which tears families apart.

I do not understand the mindset of Trolldom.