Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The vexed question of New Year's resolutions

I have tended to avoid making resolutions. This is partly because I haven't really given them enough thought in the past and they have come out a bit like Lenten sacrifices (no real hardship), and partly because it is hard to keep up the self discipline over something essentially superficial: if it matters that little, why bother?

O.K. I don't smoke, I eat sensibly and I am not overweight. I am a social drinker and do not have any (more than the standard) repressed sexual urges. I don't stick needles in my arms, snort other illegal substences or seduce members of my congregation. I don't plagarise my college work.

I tried negative resolutions for a while. My 2004 "Be less tolerant of vegetarians" resolution was particularly effective and is still on-going. (You know, you invite them round and go to some considerable thought and effort to be sensitive to their needs and ethics and provide something appropriately vegetarian, and then on the return match, do they do the same for you? Fat chance! It's still nut-cutlets all the way and not a pork chop in sight!) My 2005 resolution "Don't put up with tossers: you don't have to be nice if you don't want to" was also a roaring success. Sadly that one may need re-evaluating now that I am in training. (I wonder for how much longer I can claim intolerance as my spiritual gift?)

I have a problem this year as I fear I am now deemed by all and sundry to be Holy and therefore also deemed, presumably, either not in need of self-improvement at all or in need of an awful lot of it. Watch this space. What I do know is that if I do share a resolution it will go under the microscope of my friends' opinions and therefore must be meaningful. I want to avoid the overly pious and so will not be declaiming to all my determination to improve my prayer life or any other such finger-down-the-throat ideas.

I thought I might swear a lot more this year. Or perhaps I could speak in tongues. (Much the same in my opinion)


Hmm, not very daring.

Would anyone like to make a suggestion?

A Happy New Year to all!!!