Monday, February 11, 2008

New friends and blog etiquette

Now as far as blog etiquette is concerned I came across this. (Scroll down to Blog Etiquette 101) recently. This is not a template I wish to copy, but it got me to thinking, so here is my blog etiquette:

This blog is primarily my learning journal.
It has no evangelical function.
I assume that most of my visitors are Christians, but recognise that some are not.
I will never ask for your spiritual credentials.
This is to be a safe place for people to share ideas and views and to let off steam.
It is to be a network for those with a similar world view, but others are welcome to comment subject to the following:

I ask visitors to:

Respect me and other visitors.
Not to hijack this blog for your own agenda.
Not to rant too much, that is my prerogative.
Not to question or judge the Christian committment of other visitors

If you are not as keen to hear the alternative perspectives of others as you are to assert your own, this may not be the blog for you.

And so to new friends. I have discovered a few new blogs recently and I commend them to you: Firstly is Thoughts From Jeff Jeff is a Lutheran youth worker from Ohio. Then we have two which are a little light on biographical detail but are well worth a visit: Why Do We Nator? and Roland's Ramblings In return you three guys should have a look at Of Course I could Be Wrong and see the company I regularly keep. Good folk one and all.

On a different tack, I seem to have taken up masochism for Lent and I have been blogging with Pastor Brian on Time 2 change churches. This has been a challenge to me as although it taps into my latent but long dormant evangelicalism it is a straight down the line, no holds barred American Evangelistic blog. If you know this is not your style, don't go there, you won't like it and you're likely to be called a false prophet and a pretend Christian. Pastor Brian and I have been "discussing" a number of issues: I have been challenged about the wrath and judgement of God and I hope I have challenged him on the love and justice of God. Pastor Brian, under no circumstances should you visit Of Course I Could be Wrong and, God forbid you do, do not post a comment on it. You have been warned!