Friday, March 21, 2008

Strangely wrongfooted by Easter

I don't know why it is, but I have felt oddly dislocated in the run up to Easter and I am not sure why. At every stage I seem to have been reactive and on the back foot. Is it because Easter is so early?


It all started with Lent. What should my Lenten discipline be? What did I do? I opted for giving up a whole range of fairly meaningless things of which alcohol and chocolate were the key two. Looking back now I feel that someone of my age and experience should surely have managed something more spiritual and more creative.

Then due to a planning failure I invited the revered elders for the day on Palm Sunday and therefore missed the start of Holy Week. The previous Sunday I had made one of my occasional visits to St. Atrophy's and Rev. Jim preached a fabulous sermon. He and I went out together in the week and had a curry and put the world to rights. It seemed a strange role reversal, this young man as one of my mentors, and part of a support group which college insists we all have. The waiters kept looking at us. I am sure they were thinking: "Ah, what a nice lad, taking his old Dad out for a meal." Still, I like to believe that Jim gets as much out of these times together as I do and it was nice to come back home for coffee and a continuation of the chat.

But I digress: what that means is that I missed two consecutive weeks at St. Small's and I think this has added to my sense of dislocation. There was no Maundy Thursday service at St. Smalls. NO MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICE!!! So I went with Mrs. D.P. to St. Angst's for the foot washing and Eucharist. I was welcomed like the Prodigal Son and ended up reading the Epistle and singing as one third of a scratch trio.

So it wasn't until yesterday that I began to feel that I was in Holy Week at all. A bit late in Holy Week too. This evening I am at St. Small's for the Good Friday liturgy where I will be reading and also be Eucharistic assistant.

Then it all goes wrong again. My course has its residential Easter school starting on Sunday for eight days. I will miss Easter Day at St. Smalls and will participate instead in a service, which I am sure will be wonderful, with all the other students in the evening.

As I shall be away for eight days I shall be asking some friends to guest blog here to keep things ticking over, so don't be surprised to see some unfamiliar faces.