Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pause for Thought

So, after a couple of days of panic induced paralysis, and after a return to college at the start of the Summer term this week, a number of things have become clear.

* The college is not going to throw me off the course.
* This is not a problem of my making, so I'm buggered if it is going to be made a problem of my solving.
* I have been really heartened by the expressions of concern from friends here, on OCICBW, at college and elsewhere.

My conclusion is, after plenty of opportunity for prayer and reflection, and with so many other people bothering God on my behalf, that this is indeed a testing time as so many of you have commented and testing times, however unwelcome, are part of the process of maturing more into the likeness of God.

I am also not a quitter.

The Bishop will pay what he will. I will not be responsible for the shortfall, but as a matter of integrity and personal pride, I will endeavour to screw the money out of various charitable trusts and wealthier Lutheran organisations abroad.

For those who are willing to offer practical - as opposed to financial - support this is what I need:

As I do not have the time to websearch all of this, and as I can not expect a proactive approach from the LCiGB, and as we have no admin support I need help from you, my network.

If you are British, and you know of charitable organisations which have come up trumps in the past and accept funding bids to support religious organisations, please e-mail me their contact details.

If you are a Lutheran from America, Australia, Canada or New Zealand, I want a list of all the presiding bishops in your country with their contact details. If you are a Lutheran from mainland Europe, let me have your Bishop's contact details too. I would also like to know of any ecumenical charities aimed at promoting the gospel, priestly/ministerial training or mission.

One way or the other, with your help, I am going to make this happen!