Saturday, May 24, 2008

Actually, now that you come to mention it.........Where is everyone?

Blame Passing Priest "This is very good stuff indeed. Where are all your regulars? Where is the passion? I note there are people who criticise the passing references to evolution you have made elsewere but have not come out and nailed their colours to the mast when you give them this opportunity. Surely this is exactly the debate to be having in the current climate. Maybe this is an indication that your arguments are beyond credible criticism. As you say this is quite conservative stuff: if you can't assent to this, where on earth are you in intellectual terms? There is no academic or intellectual rigour in much which passes for Chritianity these days as you have commented yourself."

Nator, Roland, Neil, William, P.J. Iggy, Jeff, Barbara, Pam, Jeff, Malt Viquor, Anne, Frank, Erika, Christopher, Mickey, Mad One et al. Where are you?