Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blogwatch...with invisible links, so I'm told!

I was very impressed to discover this article on the effects of education on belief in religious literalsim - with nice diagrams - from Pluralist here Do take a look and see whether his findings surprise you. Entry for 29th May.

Also, new boy on the blog (geddit?) Leo here could do with encouraging as he develops his blog network. Give him some advice on prayer.

As ever Boaz here is worth a look as he deconstructs Sydney Anglicanism.

Then go and give my friend Reverend Boy some encouragement here as he contemplates the finances of training for the ministry.

Another friend, Claudius, here who I study with, is practicing for a charity cylcle from London to Paris. His rear end is sore.

Poor Mad Priest here is having a turgid time at present regarding jobs and he is very pastoral towards the rest of us, so pop over and offer some cheer. See Diary Entry 29th May.

Finally: two video extracts which should frighten you to death, unless you are used to this sort of thing. The ministry of healing - or not showing at Waynedawg's blog here and one that tests the boundaries of mixing religion and politics at Jeff Greathouse's blog here.

Quite a mixed bag. Let me know what you think.