Friday, May 9, 2008

Thanks to Rural Rector

I was just browsing my friend's sites and I came across this Link on Hampton's Ramblings. These are a few of my favourites (I take no responsibility for the punctuation and spelling):

* When you or your family members go to the doctor, do you get antibiotics developed to treat drug-resistant bacteria, or do you insist that because evolution doesn't exist you should be just fine with the drugs from twenty years ago?"

Frankly, I would never take an antibiotic; there are far safer and more effective treatments, but all that aside, nothing that you mention above has the slightest connection to evolution. You are propagandising by attempting to mix evolutionism with biochemistry.

* Muslims countries aren’t as interested in ID because they don’t need to deal with nearly as much atheist scum evolutionists with their evolving mind tricks. All our liberties are allowing the atheists here to destroy our society. George H.W. Bush was intelligent and thoughtful enough to say that atheists shouldn’t really be citizens. Maybe his son will have the intelligence to make a similar point, maybe in his next state of the union adress outlaw evolution. He wouldn’t need to say much, simply something like “every evolutionist is now an enemy of the Republic,” and then explain why. The muslim countries know how to deal with these people(one of the rare things they do right). Why can’t we follow their lead?

* Sorry but scientists have just shown that mice DNA is more similar to humans than human DNA. So would evolutionists then declare that humans came from mice? Probably. That's because most people can't think for themselves and are confused about reality. That's why they believe anything scientists say.

* But think about it, who is smart enough to write the Holy Bible? The answer, no one.
How could people back then have written words with such intellegence? We were not very educated back then, we all know. So tell me, how could people back ages ago could have written the bible?

* How can anyone beleive we evolved from monkeys heres a few questions for people who beleive that

1.If we did evolve from monkeys then how come babies arent born monkeys

2.Even Darwin said his theories were wrong before he died so why do you still believe them you really not believe the bible it says we were created in seven days not millions of years come we cant speak monkey

Just for a fact ape like creatures are monkeys Just in case certain people get on this thread

* It took several million years for a monkey to turn into a man? oh wait thats right. monkeys dont live several million years.

Is this truly the level of ignorance and stupidity under which some Christians operate? Joking apart, is it surprising we have an uphill struggle to convince people that to be a Christian isn't one step away from insanity?

Where does the blame lie?