Friday, May 2, 2008

What a busy week!

So, still sleep deprived from the LONG weekend I have had the week to end all weeks, hence no posts for nearly a week.

"Sir, can I borrow a pen?"


"My pen's run out."

"Use your spare, then"

"Why would I need a spare?"

"God give me strength!"

I teach 180 students in Yr 10 for R.S. That is 180 exams to mark and reports to write.

I am responsible for all 400 Citizenship pieces of coursework for the Yr 11 GCSE: ensuring they are marked and moderated and collating the grades to send to the exam board. We were unable to account for about 60 projects courtesy of a (now no longer employed) colleague who kept losing them. I have been off timetable today tracking down the kids and getting a reprint. "But I've already handed it in."

"Yes, now...about that...."

I have had three chapters of Breuggermann to read for Old Testament studies. (Fab book) and a presentation on one to deliver. (I got Genesis 1-11, so was VERY happy).

Now my chorus-master expects me to learn large chunks of the score for Prokofiev's Alexander Nevsky IN RUSSIAN by next rehearsal.

Nurse! Can I have my medication and a little nap now?