Thursday, July 17, 2008

A day for kids of all ages.

Yesterday I spent the day here. Five coach loads of fourteen year olds and assorted staff. This was a rewards trip. I've given unstinting service for years and this is my reward. Bah Humbug!


A reward for the kids?

Oh Right.

I spent the day with my friends Dan and Jagtar. Dan and I aren't thrill-seekers. Jagtar, on the other hand is. He is thirty five and of slight build. Wearing his baseball cap, Jagtar blended in seamlessly with all the other fourteen year olds. I was worn out vicariously just by being with him.

"I want to go on that, and then that. Can we go on that one too?"

" Its a day for the kids, Jagtar. You go. We'll sit here and drink tea while you go on the rides. Meet us back here. Do you have enough money? Take care now. Don't talk to strangers."

And with that he was lost, a teenager amongst teenagers, dangling above the ground and being dropped from a great hight, whooping with joy.

As Dan said. "They grow up so quickly don't they?"