Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 6th: Lesbian and Gay Liberation Sunday

You might be surprised to see this date as it is not in the church calendar. I merely mention it as a small antidote to GAFCON. My Wife's church Here has been using this Sunday as a particular celebration of human sexual diversity for some years. This is a small Anglican community in inner-city Leeds whose congregation is largely straight but which for many years has been the local last-chance saloon for the marginalised. If you can't hang on to Christianity at All Hallows, you are on your way out of the church. This congregation has a noble and enviable reputation for offering a safe haven for all people. It championed women's ministry, it supports asylum seekers, it cares for the unrepresented and particularly those hurt and damaged by the institutional church. It has had an amazing number of vocations and is highly regarded in the local community. Last week it hosted the funeral of Pat Regan, a local resident and member of the congregation. Here It is a very special place.

Please pray for Sunday as the Gospel is preached and God's welcome is offered to all people. Particularly pray for those for whom this may be the first positive experience of church.

And if you are in the area, sympathetic to the inclusive gospel, or just curious.......