Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been tagged. (Oh good)

Ive been tagged by Mark over at The Untried Here we go then:

Four things I was doing ten years ago.

1) Falling out with the church big time. The love-hate relationship was veering towards the hate end then.
2) Looking like a skin-head yob. It helped on the door!
3) Thinking about ordained ministry.
4) Being tattooed.

Four things on my TO DO list today

1) I am working from home today - a rare treat. I must finalise the details of a school closure day for Citizenship - speakers, tutor guides, room bookings etc.
2) I must order some books for the college module on Pastoral and Practical theology.
3) I must start to learn the Tenor part for Karl Jenkins "The Armed Man" for the Leeds Philharmonic Chorus's performance in the Town Hall on 9th Nov, having been moved up from the Baritones. Look Here
4) I need to peel some potatoes.

Four Things I love about my wife

1) Her generosity of spirit
2) Her patience - even under provocation
3) Her sense of humour
4) Her love and support

Four Jobs I have held

1) Supermarket shelf stacker
2) Escort
3) Bouncer
4) Teacher and teacher trainer

Films I have watched more than once

1) White Christmas
2) Mama Mia
3) All the Harry Potters
4) Singin in the Rain
5) All the Lord of the Rings

Places I have lived

1) I was born in Valetta, Malta
2) I lived in Deal in Kent
3) In Barnet and New Southgate, in North London
3) Cambridge as a student
4) Leeds as a student and since

Places I have travelled to

With the Leeds Philharmonic Chorus on tour: Brno, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga
Taking school trips abroad: The South of France, The Spanish Costas, The Austrian Lakes, The Greek Island of Poros
Ski trips: Spain, Italy and Austria
Family holidays: Prague, Tallinn, Dubrovnik, Key Largo, the Vende (France)
Study placements: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Tallinn

Places I want to visit

New York, Chicago, Boston, Sydney, Bali, Auckland, Hong Kong

T.V. I watch

Er.....on a regular basis? Er......

Things you may not know about me

I have lovely children (as you can see for yourself). I once presented a BBC T.V programme. Other than that: No Way!

I am supposed to tag five others:
Leo, Wayne Dawg, Claudius, Erika, Yard Dog.......if you want to!