Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Theological Statement In 26 Words: A challenge!

So, there we were at college enduring probably the most turgid lecture on Richard Hooker known to man, when Dr. Bob and I hit on a game to keep us awake - Literally as Dr. Bob had been snoring during the first half. Can you make a theological statement of 26 words using every letter of the alphabet in order?

Here's mine:

Any believer can develop empathic friendliness (given humility in justification). Kindly loving means no person questions respect. Showing thought unto victims will exhibit your zeal. (O.K. I got stuck on x) I thought it was quite good until Dr. Bob offered (in half the time):

Atheistic beliefs can dominate every faith. Given heavenly inspiration Jesus keeps lives meaningful. Now our prayer quickly reaffirms salvation through universal voices when xenophobia yields zero.

Well, it looked as if we were taking notes and Dr. Bob had stopped drooling. (Neither of us will be attempting the essay on Elizabethan Anglicanism!)

Anyway: over to you.