Thursday, January 8, 2009

So, what prescription are your hermeneutical glasses?

An interesting evening at college where, with our new Principal, we began our module on the New Testament. One of the discussion points was about the lenses we read scripture through.

It was acknowledged that we do not come to Bible reading with 20/20 vision. Dr. Bob and I worked side by side rather than together and I kept sneaking a glance at his answers. It was interesting to see how different our answers were.

My prescription seems to be:

* My dislike of a pat answer
* My predisposition to be liberal/inclusive
* My Lutheran worldview
* A dislike of the use of scripture as a weapon
* A desire for justice
* An innate suspicion of certainty statements
* My sense that the gospel is about love before it is about judgement
* My own comfort with going out on a limb and being radical
* I am a natural questioner of authority
* An antipathy to some strands of North American religious thought

What's your prescription?