Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little History lesson and a brief flash of national pride

I was listening to the radio this morning and reading the paper, it being a half-term holiday and Claire wandered by at the point when the announcer posed the phone-in prize question:

"What piece of Music did Torvill and Dean skate to in the Winter Olympics of 1984?"

"Bolero" I reply quick as a flash.

"That's sad" Claire announces, equally quick as a flash.

"No, no. You're too young. You don't understand." and I go on to explain how Torvill and Dean took the world by storm by winning British, European, World and Olympic titles in the same year and how the nation sat in front of the T.V. holding its collective breath.

"Is it on youtube?" she asks.

And so having sat mesmerised for six minutes, Claire proudly introduces to her generation, courtesy of Dad's blog, the amazing Bolero sequence.

And also because we can, their set dance from another competition, the rhumba:

What effortless artistry. I quite filled up watching it again.