Monday, March 30, 2009

Another interesting experience

I was walking to church yesterday in a glorious spring morning. The clocks had gone forward and the day was cold and crisp with an impossibly blue cloudless sky. The sun was warming my face and the evidence of the previous night's heavy frost was fast disappearing.

There weren't many folk about: as a nation we generally get the clock change badly wrong and I suppose most people were still in bed. I felt the sun on my face and all was well with the world. As I approached the shops I noticed a young man behaving eratically. Drunk? At 9.30 on a Sunday morning? Well this is a student area: we have two universities, a teacher training college, an art college, a music college and a building college and there are certainly precedents enough for young people wending their way home at this time in the morning after a full night of revelry.

However, I was intrigued. He was moving very rhythmically and with great deliberation. We passed each other at a bus stop and I realised he was dancing to his i-pod. He was quite ecstatic, totally unselfconscious and probably sober. He opened his eyes and gave me the most beautific smile which I could not help but return.

"Morning Father."

"Nice dancing."

And we both went on our ways.

A couple of hundred yards further on I came across a pair of shoes on the pavement, abandoned as if in mid step. Had the rapture happened and missed me out? What was the story behind that? I shall never know but I smiled all the way to church where I was delighted to meet Goran, my Swedish friend, who had decided to check us out before he went back to Stockholm.

Sometimes its the little things that seem important.