Thursday, March 26, 2009

Claire's Views

Hi, I'm Doorman-Priest's younger daughter. I've been taking a Youth Alpha course at my church, St Georges, and I've realised that admitting that your beliefs differ slightly from theirs can cause some controversy. When I get into a discussion or conversation with a leader or intern, I always forget what my main points are, so I decided to write them down :)

Here they are:

Firstly, I believe that God is all loving. To everyone. I don't believe that if you're a non Christian, or if you're gay you'll automatically go to Hell. I believe that the writers of the Bible were influenced by God, and wrote about him, but obviously society at the time had an influence on what they wrote. Being gay when the Bible was first written was deviant, so this would have come across when writing the Bible. I believe that we have to interpret the Bible into our modern day society. We don't shun people in society who argue with our parents, so why do we still choose to exclude gay people for being gay? Also, agnostic people and atheist people shouldn't be condemed to Hell for not believing. Our time on Earth might be a test of faith. If you fail that test, yeah God will be annoyed and upset at you, but some people have a harder time grasping the concept of blind faith than other people. You see God in front of you when you die, you don't doubt for a second that he exists then. Saying that non believers go to Hell scares us into introducing our non believing friends to God. It works. But I don't believe that the consequences are that harsh for finding talking to someone that you can't see difficult.

I also find the idea of the Devil as a fallen angel abit unbelieveable too. To me, it makes it sound like a Soap Opera then. God's best friend wanted that he had. God got rid of him, so the then decided to try and steal all of God's friends. It sounds like a badly thought out line in Hollyoaks. I do think that there is evil in the world trying to trip us up and stop us from focusing on God, but I don't see it in the form of a little red man with horns and a tail. I also don't believe that supernatural things are evil. They're just another way of viewing the world.

I've been rambling for a while, sorry! Feel free to ask my Dad about what I've written down, I just sort of used his account without his permission because I didn't fancy writing this on my myspace. I thought I'd get some better responses on here :)

This took far too long to add onto his blog btw!