Thursday, April 16, 2009

More thoughts on Easter boot-camp

My yeargroup: What a team

Revd. Stephen led us in meditation each morning, concentrating on a character deeply involved in the Easter story. His analysis of Martha and Mary was very thought provoking. Stephen related these studies to the Enneagram: Martha came out as a 2 and Mary a 1. (I know I need to look at the Enneagram in more detail: it has been a while since I did and at least one blog-friend encourages me regularly to do so. There are other terms I am familiar with, though. To me Martha is a "Critical Parent" and Mary a "Free Child".) Stephen's point about the use and value of this tool is about recognising how our public personas are often in deep conflict with our inner lives. If we can gain that level of self-awareness we come to see ourselves as God sees us and we can begin to accept ourselves as God accepts us.

"How do you spell Enneagram?" someone enquired during the session.

"H.E.R.E.S.Y." Replied the Anglo Catholic to my left. I love this group.

How much of worship is cultural? Just asking. It was a point made in passing.

If the church's views are synonymous with those of the host culture, it can not be a missionary church. It has no mesage to proclaim. Discuss.

I saw this title in the bookshop. "Dog Collars: Inspirational stories of clergy and their dogs."

Dear God!

Worship was planned and delivered by the students. Morning worship tended to be from Common Worship - Daily Prayer, and if I never chant a responsorial Psalm again, it will be too soon. Evening Worship tended to be more varied. On the first night Ian led a wonderful sung Evensong from the BCP. I had volunteered Lutheran Vespers - chanted, which seemed like a good idea at the time but as the Monday evening approached, less so! Hilda, Vicky and Karen who are in my prayer group participated with me and we changed some of the liturgy into a three voice dialogue. I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback. Even on the last day someone told me how spiritual they had found it. One even went as far as to say that it it had been the most spiritual service she had participated in since she had started the course.

I really needed to hear that.