Friday, April 3, 2009

What a nice young Man!

Ishaq arrived in school yesterday to take over from the fragrant Elizabeth as my student teacher in Religious Studies. Ishaq is obviously a Muslim and Elizabeth had already told me that he wears traditional dress. I had e-mailed him and warned him that he might face culture shock as the Knowledge College is a pretty mono-cultural environment to work in.

I am pleased to report that he and the kids took each other in their respective strides. One quite revealing question to me from from a group of my Yr 11 girls:

"Are you taking us today Sir?"

"Yes. Why?"

"There's another man in the classroom."

"I know. He'll be around for a while."


I was pleased more by what they could have said but didn't. Or am I guilty of projecting?

I am also pleased that there was no suggestion from senior management that he "dress more professionally", which apparently other Muslim students have been asked to do.

"Why Religious Studies Ishaq?"

"Because its the most important subject for helping people to understand each other."

He and I will get along just fine.