Friday, May 1, 2009

Claire again :)

Fifteen is a bit of a tender age to be told that the majority of your friends aren't going to Heaven, will be stuck in Hell, and that there's no hope for ALL non believers. I'm sick of being told I'm wrong all the time by my Cell leaders, and that my interpretations can't be right.

I've been told that I can't pick and choose what I believe in from the Bible by my Cell leader. Slightly hypocritical of someone who does work on Sundays, and who isn't willing to be stoned to death for arguing with her parents (I think thats in the Bible somewhere, neither parents could remember whether or not it was though!). If I can't pick and choose from the Bible, I don't see why she can.

The fact that there's no hope for athiests is a constant theme in my Cell meetings, and I refuse to believe that a God who is all loving is going to let his children spend eternity in Hell. So either there is hope, and the whole No belief, No Heaven is a way of getting more people to live for God or the God I believe in isn't who I think he is.

I feel horrible saying that about God, but some of these answers I'm getting are enough to make me question if a religion without hope for everyone is for me.

I might be making a big deal out of nothing, but I'm sick of the negitive energy that I'm getting from Cell. And sick that the leaders pretend to understand the extremes of teenage subculture. I can hardly walk up to my friend's dealer and tell him he's going to Hell.