Friday, May 15, 2009

An Inspector Calls

I arrived at the knowledge College this morning at my normal time of 7.45 ish to a full car park. What? WHAT? Ah yes, I had forgotten. OFSTED is in today. Well, one OFSTED inspector to be precise; just for the day to do a follow up visit to see that we have made progress on our targets since the last full inspection.

So: one inspector for one day, which realistically means three and a half lessons of potential classroom observation once the admin discussions with senior management have taken place.

And the car park is full at 7.45!

Dear God.

And it's raining hard!

Today we are in full GCSE exam mode so there are no Yr 11s on site unless they are in an exam. This means that there is just the one lesson when I could be observed teaching today. It is my favourite Yr 9 class.

I am happy.

We will be looking at miracles and having fun. (I put the fun back into fundamentalism.)

What is the statistical chance that I will get a visit?

Still, a full car park at 7.45! Talk about panic. As Jagtar said "You wonder how prepared folk who arrive later under normal circumstances really are for their work."


He missed a treat.