Monday, May 25, 2009

What a muddle! Far Right and the Archbishops slog it out.

It's been a funny old week in politics and religion here in the motherland. For those from the colonies a little update:

We have European elections looming and there is a traditionally low turnout at the polls for this event - such a low turnout that it is hard for the winners to claim a mandate on such a small proportion of the potential electorate. This cynicism has not been helped by revelations in the national press, particularly the Daily Telegraph, of the scandal of M.P's expenses. For those of you who have been on Mars, this is related to some apalling greed on the part of a significant minority of elected public servants in their interpretation of what constitutes legitimate parliamentary expenses. Seemingly they include the cleaning out of a moat and the construction of an ornamental duck-house to say nothing of the married M.P. couple who each claimed for an allowance for a different second home. The revelations have been gobsmaking and reveal, as my Dad said, too many snouts in the trough. It is a truly dreadful betrayal of trust.

Everyone wants to give these folk a bloody nose at the next election and the next election is the European election.

How do you give the major parties that sort of bloody nose - for they are all invoved?


You either don't vote at all (well that's already most people before we start the protest) or you vote for a fringe party.

Herein lies the problem.

We have the far-right British National Party contesting seats. This is the party which claims it is not racist and is being persecuted for telling the truth about the Islamifaction of Britain and the spread of Sharia Law.

That it has been caught out so many times for spreading falsehoods and misinformation about minority groups seems to have escaped their notice as they try to present a legitimate political face.

However, scratch the surface.....

Muslim blood will be spilt, he wrote

VILE posters that bore racist abuse and threatened to spill Muslim blood were sent through the post by a Halifax British National Party activist.

Brian Darren Wainwright, 38, fired off his hate-filled mail to a mosque, Calderdale's first Asian councillor and an anti-racist campaigner.

In court yesterday, he admitted sending letters with indecent, offensive and threatening messages. Sentencing was adjourned. Calderdale magistrates heard that last February Wainwright sent a poster bearing a skull, crossbones, an SS symbol, a swastika and the words "white pride" to anti-racism campaigner Paul Sutcliffe.
The poster showed Mr Sutcliffe, a member of Halifax-based anti-fascist group Unity, with the words "Halifax C18 to visit" – referring to the Halifax wing of racist group Combat 18.

Simon Clegg, prosecuting, said Mr Sutcliffe felt threatened and distressed and contacted police. Wainwright, of Lee Mount Road, Lee Mount, Halifax, sent a second poster to the Jama Majid Ahl-E-Hadith mosque in Halifax on March 19. The 68-year-old secretary of the mosque who opened the literature was extremely upset by the poster, which bore the skull and crossbones and the words "Muslims will die."

On April 1 a poster was sent to Coun Mohammed Najib at Halifax Town Hall, saying a race war would begin in Halifax in five days and Muslim blood would be spilled.
Mr Clegg said: "This was a dedicated attack on a place of worship, a seat of democracy and the home of an individual who campaigned against racism." On November 5, Wainwright was arrested in Keighley as he distributed BNP literature.
While in custody, police raided his home and found more racist literature, handwritten writings including one entitled "White England: One Solution" and a copy of the poster.

A handwriting expert confirmed Wainwright's penmanship matched that on the posters. His DNA was found on one of the stamps and on the gummed seal of one of the envelopes.

Peter McCaughley, for Wainwright, said he was a dedicated family man with two children and a 15-year-old step-daughter.
He added: "I don't seek to minimise the effect of the letters on the victims but it was just one letter to each."

Wainwright, currently unemployed, has twice stood for election. In 2004 he was a council BNP candidate for Ovenden, polling 894 votes to Linda Riordan's 1,263. He stood as BNP Parliamentary candidate for Hull North in 2005 but polled just 766.
Wainwright was granted bail.

(The Halifax Courier.)

To this muddle we need to add the decision of the Anglican Church to forbid its clergy to campaign for the BNP or to be seen publically to support them in any way and now we have the distasteful election poster above which implies that Jesus would vote BNP. In return the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have warned the nation not to use their votes at forthcoming elections to punish the main parties because that will let in the far-right whose followers will surely turn out in such numbers as they can muster: the fear is that these votes will be bolstered by the disaffected from the mainstream parties. This plea would have made more sense if the Catholic Archbishops had joined in but perhaps they were erring on the side of not providing the oxygen of publicity.

The racist BNP uses the world's most famous Jew as a vote puller and then tells the CofE that it should stay out of politics.

But then as my Dad would say again, "It's all very well being told NOT to vote for fringe parties but what's the alternative? Vote for the snouts in the trough again? If we do that then we are complicit and nothing will change."

They will waste their votes instead on UKIP, the ant-E.U. party.

It's a funny old world.