Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the winner is....Monica!

Regular readers may remember some weeks ago when I was on my Easter School residential, I had been really excited about a task we had been set.

We were doing some work on the media and we were asked to pen, as if for broadcast a two minute reflection on Jesus and the foot washing. The target audience would be early starters - those on the roads at 6.30 am.

I was really energised by this task: this is my sort of thing and I was quite excited about doing it because the winner would be given the chance to broadcast at some stage.

Weeks passed and we heard nothing. Then e-mails began to be exchanged and we heard that the BBC had only received four scripts. Well I knew who seven of them belonged to for a start, so a few more e-mails passed backwards and forwards and then yesterday we heard that Monica had won.

Congratulations Mon!

Here is Monica's reflection.

Have a look....what are you wearing on your feet? Shoes and socks give the game away. Working in the NHS, from time to time I go to conferences and hob nob with some of the cleverest doctors in the nation. When the subject gets a bit too clever for me... after all I am a simple soul...I play a game of spot the funkiest socks. It amazing what you find...Dracula, Dr who, Father Christmas (in May!), Superman. It’s as if all a person’s funkiest thoughts and deepest desires sink down past their pin striped power dressed suites and hairy legs and leak out in their socks.

In my job I see a lot of feet and what people wear on them. I like to think I can tell quite a bit about their owners.....their health, their self esteem, their wealth. I am one of the few who love them as I think they are a wonderful feat (forgive the quip) of engineering, courtesy of our Creator God. I once looked after a lady of 100 and couldn’t help but wonder what her feet had been through...2 world wars, the black bottom, jive, big band and winkle pickers.

However it’s a different story when you ask most people to take off their shoes and socks. There is something very challenging about letting others see your feet..Especially if they are dirty and you have run out of odour eaters. Its silly really.... why are we so embarrassed about our feet? Maybe its because our feet and our footwear are very much part of an expression of who we really are.

There’s a story in the Bible about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. You could write a book about the possible meaning of this.....and people have....but maybe Jesus is trying to tell us that if we want to get to know him, He sees through the designer trainers to the corns, calluses and bunions of our life experiences and deepest hurts. Even Peter, the most gobby, straight talking and toughest disciple had to learn this lesson of humility.

Jesus saw right through him as He does all of us. Despite his loudest protests He showed Peter that he needed to bring his naked feet bearing the scars of life to Him so that he could be lovingly healed and washed . Now there’s a thought....Jesus the great chiropodist..who takes away our pain and washes us clean, but only if we allow Him first to see our bare feet.

And here's mine for those who have not already seen it