Thursday, July 30, 2009

40 Days since Graduation and waiting on the Lord.

When I got up this morning my dear wife described herself, apropos nothing in particular, as a Domestic Goddess at her peak and me as an inept worker ant. One can not help but wonder whether this will set the tone for the day.

Do you ever find smells evocative? I was putting on aftershave this morning and was immediately taken back to Tallinn. I bought this particular aftershave at Stanstead Airport on the way out to my Parish Placement last summer and I realise, too, that it is pretty well a year to the day that I set off for that wonderful, affirming experience.

I read back over my log of that month before I started this post today and it was as if it was yesterday.

The strongest sense I have after reading my own words was of a real peace over the call to priestly ministry: my time there confirmed that this was indeed the right track to be on. I remember with the sort of nostalgia made the more intense by recent events here, the people, the events, the experiences and the affirmation that I had there. How I wish I was there again now as the joy I experienced in my call to ministry feels less easy to access just now.

We were walking across a windy car-park at Morrisons when my bloved unaccountably said:

"Would you like me to look after your penis?"


"I said would you like me to look after your keys? Are you going deaf?"

Or mad!