Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There's a bug going round - and a rumour

On Tuesday there were 3 members of staff away and 153 students either rang in sick or went home ill. That night the kids' Facebook pages were alive with the message that if 5 more pupils were away the school would shut.

On Wednesday there were 6 staff and 174 students absent or sent home ill. The reception area looked like accident and emergency. On Tuesday I had a very nice Yr 11 class. When I took the register I asked them to tell me how they felt as they answered their names. Of the 29 in the class only 5 said that they were on top form. The rest had sore throats, general lethargy, headaches, aching joints or gastric symptoms. One claimed to feel debilitated. I had the same class again on Wednesday and there were more absent than present. What is odd is that the younger the age group the more are in school but as you move up through the years the attendance declines.

This morning there were 38 phone messages before 8.30.

Not feeling too hot myself, now that I come to think about it....