Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting older

(Picture based on me)

Yesterday was my birthday.

My parents are away on holiday but my mother had slipped the card in the post before they went. Daphne has previous convictions for her taste in cards. This is what I got this year:

For a special son

Your birthday brings
fond memories
filled with warmth and joy.
Happy thoughts of smiles
you bought
when you were just a boy.
And though the years have changed some things,
when all is said and done,
you still bring smiles
and happiness -
you're still a special son.

I arrived at the knowledge college on good form and with a tin of muffins for the folk I share an office with. At whole staff muster I was mildly surprised when my friend John announced that he had an announcement:

"Guess who's birthday it is today? Sixty Three."

"SIXTY THREE! Why am I nice to you John? If you think that counts in lieu of a card and a wrapped up present, you've got another think coming."

John and I have been mates for twenty five years. I think it's what they call the attraction of opposites. John is what you might describe as a Free Child. Oh alright then, a total nutter. He teaches Physics: enough said. Or to paraphrase Basil Fawlty, "I'm so sorry. He's from Wakefield."

Given that John is (whisper) FIFTY just before Christmas I can see some payback here which may include an approach to his Dad for one of those nude-on-the-rug baby photos that might just end up in the school weekly bulletin.

Both my R.S. colleagues were away today and I had to run around like a blue-arsed fly sorting out their work and taking the form register for one of them.

"You shouldn't have to do that on your birthday." observed one boy sagely.

My headteacher and I exchanged some banter and a conversation about blogging and then it was off to lessons. I started the day with a nice Yr 9 class. I have two support assistants in that lesson working with lovely youngsters who have some learning difficulties and Mrs. Andrew and Mrs. Denham like to join in the discussion. (Sometimes the kids don't get a word in edgeways.) At the end of the lesson they burst into a rendition of "Happy Birthday." The kids didn't join in and looked at these two mature ladies as if they were totally mad - and they may have a point.

"Is it your birthday then Sir?"

At the end of the day John hove into view in my classroom doorway with a card and a wrapped up present.

"What's that for Sir?"

"It's the old man's birthday."

"What old man?" (Thank you Zoe.)

"Him over there with they grey skull."

Again I ask. "Why am I nice to you?"

"Go on Sir. Open it."

First the card: "How many old people does it take to open a birthday card?
And on the inside. "Evidently only one."

Then the present which as it came in a shiny bottle bag I assumed would be ... well .... a bottle.

No. This is John we're talking about.

It was novelty socks.

"I had a great time in Primark choosing them."

They are all black and on each pair there is a colourful legend.

Moody Monday (green).
Terrible Tuesday (yellow). I am wearing these as I type.
Wiery Wednesday (red). No, you read that right.
Thirsty Thursday (blue)
Funny Friday (purple)

Things can only get better.