Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is WWJD too simplistic a mantra? Or has the church had its day?

At the Christmas gathering of the clans the conversation turned, as it invariably does at regular intervals, to things Christian. My wife was musing over the "What would Jesus do?" mantra and was wondering whether that might not be a bit simplistic.

"How about, what would the Jesus I know from the Gospels do?" suggested my Father-in-law (a Canon at the nearby cathedral).

This led on to quite a detailed discussion.

What, Dear Reader, do you think the difference is and why does it matter?

The F-I-L, now in his seventies, regularly despairs of the church but noted:

"You think you know Jesus and then he surprises you. You may give up on the church but you'd be foolish to give up on Jesus."

My wife, following the idea of the church, to stay or to give it up as a bad job, felt that she continues to go to her church because Jesus is an exciting and relevant person there. That is clearly something of an indictment of other churches but I have to say that I tend to think she is right.

Do you agree and if so, what is the answer?