Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Odds and Ends

I have been marking mock exams this week. It is the closest definition of spiritual death I can imagine. Sadly there have not been too many howlers to lighten the mood. I give you these two:

1) Why did the wise men visit the stable? (1 mark)
Because it was Christmas.

2)Why did Jesus' followers believe he had been raised from the dead? (3 marks)
1) because the stone had been moved.
2) because he wasn't there
3) because he left a note.

In Iran male homosexual acts are punishable by death but lesbians merely get 100 lashes. That's feminism gone too far! Just a thought.

I notice The Priests have done well again for record sales this Christmas. Tired of waiting for the call to make it a quartet, I have formed a rival group with a couple of friends from the Yorkshire Ministry Course (who could usually be found in the bar at the Wakefield Police College at the end of lectures). We are still trying to come up with an appropriate name: perhaps something that sounds like "priests" but which hints at pub-karaoke style. It'll be much the same music but there will be more giggling.

Now for the theologically minded amongst you a little video extract:

I have to say I think Matthew's got a point!