Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thought for The Day: BBC Radio 4

This is from Saturday 19th December and I would have posted it earlier but it took the BBC five days to put the text on their website!

I was very impressed by this meditation as it brought me to full consciousness from my little holiday sleep-in.

"'s worth pondering this as we venture out to the shops this weekend, when it's all over - and we look back at the gifts we have bought and the amount of money many of us will have spent - what will we actually remember?

On the basis that it's the thought that counts - shopping for Christmas gifts has notionally emerged as a way in which a broadly Christian culture acknowledges the greatest gift of all: the presentation by God of Jesus. The gifts offered by the wise men at Epiphany are also frequently mentioned as justification for the choosing of appropriate gifts.

The paradox, of course, is that biblical teaching on all of the clutter that we assemble around us in life, all of our possessions, is that they are of absolutely no spiritual value whatsoever and we should avoid getting over attached to them..."

Read or Listen to the full text here The Rev Rob Marshall