Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About cooking...

What would we Brits do without Delia Smith, long time doyenne of British cookery?

"Could you make dinner?" my beloved asked. "There's good quality mince from the farmer's market."

Hmm,...chilli, or shepherd's pie?

I take our dog-eared Delia from the shelf and browse.

Cottage pie it is.

And look, we have all the ingredients - apart from parsley and really who cares?

I particularly liked the use of cinnamon and a whole tablespoonful of tomato paste. I also thought Delia was creative in suggesting mixing the leeks into the mashed potato topping.

My beloved returned to a lovely thick sauce and a variety of vegetables steaming in the pan.

I dished up with a certain amount of pride.

As I was serving myself I heard my beloved gasp from the dining room and my elder daughter rushed into the kitchen and began drinking copious amounts of cold water.

I tasted mine.

How easy to confuse tomato paste and chilli paste.

We ate out.