Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The U.K's approach to the Eurovision Song Contest owes everything to Father Ted.

Considering that we virtually pay for it, one can't help wondering who at the BBC is in charge of the annual national humiliation known as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Well now: where to start? My beloved says there is an anti-British Bias. That may be true to an extent but if people are still prepared to vote for Serbia and Israel I'm not entirely convinced.

I have heard others say that it is harder for Western European countries to win these days but Norway and Germany in succession seem to dispel that idea too.

In the end we didn't deserve to win but neither did we deserve to come last but it seems wings, dancers, pyrotechnics, acrobats and jugglers help.

The sooner we stop treating our selection as amateur night the better. The German song has been in the charts all over Europe for weeks. I didn't hear ours between selection and the big night. The BBC won't even champion it by giving it airtime.

Alternatively we could do an Italy and not bother at all.