Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a place for an ordination

I went to York Minster today for the ordinations of a group of friends from the Yorkshire Ministry Course. It was packed. It is, of course, a wonderful building and I had to explain to my daughter the principle of building to the glory of God.

I wonder if they take bookings.

Partway through the service we had reached the point where the congregation was asked:

"Will you uphold them and encourage them in their ministry?"

"We will."

At this point, and barely pausing in the liturgy, Archbishop Sentamu continued:

"You'd better, or, through the discernment of the Spirit, I will come for you."


This is the same Archbishop who, in his last one to one interview with the candidates asked them:

Hello. Come in. Sit down. So what is the difference between the Anglican and the Orthodox position on the Holy Spirit?"

Double scary!

I may offer a prize for correct answers. (Now that I know it.)

A little later, at young Mike's reception, I was engaged in conversation by a personable clerical type.

"So, how do you know Mike?"

"Well," I launched in "We were on the same course and on residentials we used to sit up very late drinking whisky and putting the world to rights. How about you?"

"I'm his new Vicar."