Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bye Bye Prop 8! (YEAH!)

Allowing interracial marriages “necessarily involves the degradation” of conventional marriage, an institution that “deserves admiration rather than execration.”

(Source: A U.S. representative from Georgia quoted in Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune, May 19, 1996)
Isn't history revealing?

Following on from the last post - and if you've not read it do take a peek - we hear that Prop 8 has fallen. For those of you not quite up to speed on this, Prop 8 was an anti gay-marriage measure put to the public vote in California.

Now it seems that the rights enshrined in the American constitution are not up for renegotiation by public vote. The Intertubes are alive with the legal judgement and editorial comment and they can say it all better than I can. (I would recommend Rachel Maddows.)

Unpacked like this it amazes me how Prop 8 ever got passed in the first place. The fact that these dreadful people - the supporters of Prop 8 and particularly their "expert" witnesses - have been shown to be charlatans is music to many people's ears.

Why do so few Americans know the provisions of their constitution?

I'll just leave you with this little gem.

UPDATE: As this will only run and run I offer a receipe from THIS EXCELLENT BLOG SITE

A quick snack

This dish can be knocked up in minutes and, while it can be bland to some palates, still delivers a kick of muted outrage in many people. A simple, filling dish for the lazier columnist.


1 quite obvious headline
1 tenuous reference to an unrelated, misunderstood report, for flavouring
1-2 handpicked critics for garnish
1 comment from the TaxPayers’ Alliance to act as the cherry on top
Several emotive words to add character to the dish
£15,000 – or is it £7,000 – of public money

Take the quite obvious headline and use to top the container. Line with a generous helping of public money – be sure to check exactly how much you need here as it can vary. Next take the critics and place near the base of the container. Sprinkle on the emotive words. In this dish we chose “barmy”, “cuts”, “vandalised”, “awful”, “bullied”, “robbed” and “stupid” but any similarly emotive words will be fine. Some may prefer to use stronger bodied words such as “arsebollocks” or “fuckbagger”, although these can end up too much for a dish as light as this one. Positive words, such as “help”, “fit”, “active”, “wonderful” and “socialise” should be placed out of sight at the very bottom of the container.

Display the dish in a warm area of the website and allow to simmer for a few minutes until the smell is quite strong. Next add the tenuous reference to an unrelated, misunderstood report and allow this to set the overall flavour of the dish. Finally add a comment from part-time rent-a-gob-and-expert-on-apparently-just-about-everything Emma Boon of the TaxPayers’ Alliance as the cherry on top. Allow everything to congeal for 30 minutes.

This dish is now ready to be served. Watch out for local variants.

Oh yes, I shall look out for these in the weeks and months to come.