Saturday, September 4, 2010

The dangers of sharing a room

It's been all over the papers. The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has been discovered to have been sharing a room with one of his staff. Or to put it in Tabloid-speak, with a young, male aid.

Ergo, he must be gay and cheating on his wife.

What is it with our newspapers and perhaps with our prurient appetite for sleaze - or alleged sleaze?

So, if you share a room with someone of the same sex you are gay.


I've been on four choral tours. In approximately seven continental hotels with their are-they-doubles-are-they-two-singles-pushed-together bed arrangements, I have shared with the same male friend who is a decade younger than me. Why? Because we are mates, we enjoy each other's company and it's cheaper than two singles. May a politician and his aid - of whatever age - not be able to sit up late laughing and joking and sharing a few beers because they like each other and get on well?

Mr. Hague is a Government Minister. His government is implementing some of the most austere financial measures seen in this country for decades. Sharing a room sounds like setting a sound fiscal example to me.