Thursday, October 28, 2010

For my American readers

Following on from Tuesday's post I give you John Bell of the Iona Community delivering Thought for The Day on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday. Follow the link and read or listen. If you are a sucker for a Scots accent, I'd listen first.

It looks now as if politics is following the same promotional path... at least in the USA where the Democrat and Republican causes are being championed by media personalities, notably Jon Stewart and Glen Beck. In this country we too have had television personalities allying themselves with one party or another, but never with such force or profile as is presently evident across the pond.  And just as we may be inclined to question the merits of particular merchandise if its advertising relies too heavily on celebrities, so we might question whether any party which relies heavily on popular media names has run out of steam as regards the verity of its cause.